Top 5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Top 5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Top 5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping


Top 5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Pets are amazing additions to any household, and each has its unique personality. If you prefer to let your pet roam around your house, it is important to implant a microchip in them. This is because they can leave your house when you leave a door open.


You can place a collar on them containing all the important information just in case they wander far from your reach. This is a good idea though not the safest. This is because collars can easily fall off. A safer option is microchipping.


A microchip is a tiny electronic gadget that has all your pertinent information therein. Within this chip is a number that can uniquely identify your pet. To get a chip, you need to visit a vet who will inject it slightly below your pet’s skin. The procedure is painless, so it does not require the use of anesthesia. Within the microchip is a registration number of its registry. When the need arises, a scanner can retrieve the registry data about your pet.


Here are some of the advantages of microchipping your pet:


Helps Locate Lost or Stolen Pets


Pets can go missing for many reasons. For instance, they can run away as a result of loud noises or slip out of your home due to their inquisitiveness. Whatever the reasons, you have a higher chance of finding your pet if they have a microchip than if they do not. Any person of goodwill can take your pet to the closest vet or pet shop when they find them.


The vet will scan the microchip and call you from the information they get once they scan it. There are malicious people around who can steal a stray pet. This is sad but is also a fact. When this happens, a microchip can help reveal the true owner of the pet.


Microchips Are Safer and Comfortable


Your pets can easily lose their collars when they wander away. In addition to this, a pet thief can also easily remove the collar when they steal the pet. For this reason, implanting a microchip into your pet’s skin is the safest option. Because it is under the skin, it is difficult to remove or get lost. This means that your furry friend will always have a form of identification wherever they go.


It Is Cheap and Lasts a Lifetime


Once you inject your pet with a microchip, it stays there for the rest of their lives. Once the microchip is in place, you will only need your vet to check it once a year. They require minimal maintenance. You only need one visit to your vet to microchip your pet. This one-off fee covers the cost of microchipping for a lifetime.


Accountability to Pet Owners


Microchipping helps in the identification of people with nuisance or dangerous pets. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary destruction of stray pets. This is because any of these lost pets face euthanasia when the authorities are unable to identify their owners.


Microchipping Offers Additional Benefits


Apart from identifying the pet’s owner, microchips have several new benefits. In recent times some microchip manufacturers are enhancing them by including additional functionalities.


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