What Are Pet Dental Care Recommendations for My Pet?

What Are Pet Dental Care Recommendations for My Pet?

What Are Pet Dental Care Recommendations for My Pet?


What Are Pet Dental Care Recommendations for My Pet?

The American Veterinary Dental College encourages pet parents everywhere to care of their pets’ oral health. The condition of your pet’s teeth and gums are vital to your pet’s general well-being. Untreated oral infections tend to spread to the rest of your pet’s body. If you want to understand pet dental care recommendations for your furry companion, here’s what you should know.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

At first, this may not be as easy as it sounds. If you take your time and form a consistent routine with your pet, then it will be effortless. You should also use positive reinforcement. Give your pet a treat after the brushing is done. This works well for both young and mature pets.

Always Be Vigilant

Oral care should always be a regular thing in your pet’s life. You should not wait for your pet to stop eating or become lethargic. All animals must eat to survive. Because of this, your pets will still eat even if they feel pain in their mouth. You should be hands-on and be vigilant with their oral care. Aside from daily brushing, have your veterinarian check your pets’ gums and teeth during each checkup.

Keep Candy Away

You should not give candy to your pets. Sorbitol and chocolate are poisonous to them. Even regular candy can do damage to your pet’s teeth. Although there are pet-friendly treats available, you should not give a lot of them.

Treat Pet Dental Care as a Necessity

Pet oral care products, such as flavored kinds of toothpaste, are inexpensive. There is no problem in finding them either. Many brands of canine or feline toothpaste are available in any vet clinic.

Give Foods That Are Friendly to Teeth and Gums

Experts say that there are special dental kibble brands that are better for your pets to eat. Crunchy, dry dog food can help make your pet’s teeth and gums healthier. Canned food usually encourages the buildup of dental calculus and plaque.

Always Keep Vet Appointments

Try not to skip veterinary exams. Vet checks are opportunities for your vet to inspect your pets’ teeth and gum health. Your veterinarian can administer general anesthesia on your pets for a thorough dental exam and scaling.

Call Your Vet if You Notice a Change in Your Pet

If you notice that your pet is developing bad breath, missing a tooth, or drooling, call your vet for an appointment right away. There might be damage or infection in your pet’s mouth already. Early detection of any oral issue results in early treatment.

Avoid Giving Bones or Rawhide Often

These hard treats can cause early tooth erosion, bleeding gums, and tooth fractures. If your pets swallow them, they can obstruct or injure their gastrointestinal tract. They can even cause choking.

Our recommendations for pet dental care can help your pet have a better quality of life. At Bergen County Veterinary Center, pet dental care is one of our top priorities during each routine vet check. Please call our animal hosptial in Waldwick, New Jersey at (201) 205-2500 if you want to schedule an appointment or inquire about our pet dental care packages.